Fresh Oxygenated Water

H2OWater is an essential part of the body. Making up almost 70% of our weight, it is vital to the very quality of life.

O2 Oxygen is in every breath we take, holding the key to our body’s metabolic process, it brings life to all.

By combining both elements, the result is not just water, but nature reinvented by technology.

Oxy-ion: Bioactive Oxygen
Oxygen is fundamental to our body. When oxygen is dissolved into water, it is spaced between the water molecules. This makes the water more active and dynamic.

Oxy-ion technology introduces charge oxygen into the water, giving Oxy-ion water its refreshing and hydrating properties. Coupled with the cleansing and immunity-boosting effects of water, the overall health benefits are increased.

The key health benefits of fresh oxygenated water are increased energy, an uplifting sense of alertness, clarity of mind, boosting of stamina and immune system activation.


Crafting Every Drop with Smiles
The process of producing Oxy-ion water begins with purified water. Source water goes through multiple stages of filtration and purification processes to remove impurities, harmful bacteria and undesirable substances which may affect human health. An additional fusion process then takes place, where charged active oxygen is fused into the purified water. The large amount of charged active oxygen is dissolved and stabilized in the water. This interaction with the water molecules thus enhances the structure of the water.

Manufacturing excellence

 Savor the Difference

Advance water refining technologies are used to ensure that each drop of water is of the finest quality. Free from impurities and harmful bacteria, DR. WHO’s fresh oxygenated water is safe to drink for the whole family.


Oxy-ion technology fuses bioactive oxygen into the water. Spaced between water molecules, the charge oxygen activates the water to give the fresh energized feeling of nature.


Combining the healthy benefits of drinking water with the essential metabolic function of oxygen, DR. WHO fresh oxygenated water hydrates the body and invigorates the mind.