Fizzier: Premium Seltzer Water

Fizz Up Your Life

People of all ages enjoy carbonated drinks, even taking to drinking them every day as a trendy alternative to hydration. Now you can enjoy DIY carbonation at the comfort of your seat, wherever you are. Fizzier by DR. WHO, a DIY carbonization system coupled with refined, premium quality water promises to bring you limitless possibilities.


Pure & Fresh

  • Instant chilled and carbonated water
  • Advance water purification
  • Food grade Carbonation CO2
  • 100% Preservative free
  • Create your idea flavored soda
  • Choice of sparkling level
  • No preservative added
  • Alternative to bottled soda
  • No storage and transport
  • Eliminate glass or plastic bottle

Technology by:

All dispensers undergo stringent quality tests and are certified in the laboratory before delivery.