About Us

DR. WHO began as a distributor in the bottled water sector, leasing and delivering water dispenser packages for corporate and residential clients. Since then, it has evolved into a comprehensive provider of a wide range of water including wastewater treatment solutions, products and services. This has been achieved through our technologies, technical knowledge, strong support from our product principals and the commitment of our highly competent and innovative engineering, project and service teams. DR. WHO also expertise in finding demands in overseas markets.

Our target is to provide our clients with solutions to their water and wastewater treatment needs so as to help them achieve the most stringent of environmental standards as well as assist them through their long-term operational requirements.

DR. WHO is always searching for new cutting edge technologies to meet modern, escalating water needs, through the spirit of entrepreneurial endeavor. At DR. WHO, a true entrepreneurial culture is painstakingly nurtured at all levels of management. Motivation runs high for all staff, a clear effect of overall dynamism and business vitality. The Group is ever vigilant in seizing new opportunities and assimilating best practices to stay ahead of the competition, being a firm believer in training and infusing new technologies in its business activities.